American Metal Products comprises the following four component companies each offering air distribution products and accessories needed for all types of venting systems.

AmeriVent offers a complete line of Type B venting products, single wall connector systems, gas vent reliner kits, standard sheet metal products, and other similar products.
Phone ​(800) 423-4270 • Fax (800) 626-3825

Ameriflex offers residential & commercial flex duct systems designedwith advanced features for your air-handling needs.

Lima Register manufactures thousands of different types and sizes of grilles, registers and diffusers and offered in both steel and aluminum. The product line includes everything from a popular small-sized home floor registers to very large supply and return diffusers used in commercial buildings.
(800) 528-1411

For over a century, Hart & Cooley has been a leader in the HVAC industry, offering an extensive product portfolio of grilles, registers and diffusers, flexible air duct, type-b gas vent, all-fuel chimney and chimney liners.
(800) 433-6341

GRD Cross Reference Guide



Southern California – American Metal, Hart & Cooley, Lima, Selkirk-Howard Industries only


Northern California – American Metal, Hart & Cooley, Lima


Arizona – Hart & Cooley-US A/C only


Nevada – Hart & Cooley


Hawaii – American Metal, Lima


Guam – American Metal, Lima