Beckett, the industry leader in condensate/waste water removal, offers a complete line of condensate removal pumps for your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. These quality pumps can also be used for the removal of waste water from ice makers, drinking fountains, beverage machines, dehumidifiers, water coolers, computer room A/C equipment, furnaces, refrigeration and many other applications. All units are specifically designed for high reliability plus fast and inexpensive installation.

Standard features of our automatic condensate pumps include check valves, thermal protection, and stainless steel shafts. We also offer a large selection of lifts and voltages. Some models are available with a special high temperature plenum rated tank for water applications up to 190 degrees F.
A High Efficiency Furnace model with temperature rating of 120 degrees F is also available. Beckett also offers an In-Pan unit for condensate and waste water removal.


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